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A Green Future Start
with a Small Act

The combined efforts of thousands of people working to reduce their carbon footprint is fundamental to fighting global warming.

We are here to turn ordinary, not so eco-friendly habits into extraordinary acts of sustainability with practical knowledge on environmentally friendly.

We’ll cover alternative transportation, green buildings, community service, and other ways
that directly, or indirectly, reduce your carbon emissions

Why should we care

Carbon dioxide is throwing our climate off balance, resulting in extreme weather and toxic pollution. It’s effects has prompted political action, grassroots activism, and the birth of organizations devoted to raising awareness. Learn more about the effects of carbon dioxide..

What do we do

From alternative transportation to the food you eat, we want people to make small changes that will go a long way for the environment. We create short guides that show what you can do or change in your daily life to become more sustainable. Sustainability challenges like a Green Challenge, or our short guides to “greenify” different areas of your life, is how we empower people to take action.

How do we do it

We search the internet for the latest news and practices in sustainability. Our aim is to bring you up-to-date information and practices so your efforts have the greatest impact.