Education. Action. Change

Creating Change through Habits

We set out on a mission to inspire everyday folks to help the environment by changing, or creating, habits that reduce carbon emissions.




  • Global warming is our generation’s challenge. It’s one that’s fought on two fronts: 1.) at the institutional level and 2.) at the individual level. Our organization begins with small steps in our personal lives because we believe that’s where change starts.

    Our mission is to inspire everyday folks to change, or incorporate, habits that reduce their carbon footprint. From the food you eat, your commute to work, or the clothes you wear, we want to give you the eco-friendly alternative that is good for you and the environment.

    We hope that the more you become involved and aware of environmental issues, and aware of the power and ability within you to initiate change, the likelier planet earth is to gaining one more concerned citizen for its cause.

Why Habit?

  • It takes 21 days to form a new habit, and 42 days to fully incoporate it into your repertoire. Some of our proposed alternatives are simple, one-time chages, but others like compost and recyling are a good place to start forming environmentally friendly habits! 

    Like we all know too well, habits are done without thinking. Our goal is to form eco-friendly habits that will become effortless and can last a lifetime.

Our Story

The pressing issue of Global Warming continues to manifest itself in extreme weather, like high category hurricanes, droughts, and rising sea levels. Our motto of Education. Action. Change. comes from our belief that these three things are the key to mobilizing the citizenry for a healthier, sustainable future.